Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spin to Knit Exchange

A long time since my last post. The baby is now 7 months old, a beautiful girl.
I have joined the Spin to Knit exchange and have sent off my skein to a very creative French Canadian living in Montreal.
Yesterday I received my package from my upstream pal. Two great skeins, one chocollat brown, the other a bright red. Also in the package were 2 large balls of roving, the same colour. If that wasn't enough she also sent a neat little book she created herself. It is a lab book, designed to keep track of my spinning. Very nicely done.
And it turns out she is also a published author of a knitting book, Naughty Knits, yes it is Nikol Lohr.
I have tried to put up some links and pictures but am having a lot of trouble even posting this. This is my 4th attempt today. wish me luck